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The Journal of the Anomalous Mortal

"Lead if you must...I will follow if it suits my needs."

Non Sanctus...okay, I'm not that cool...It's Jason
14 October
This is it. This is the big time. This is your life on t3h interwebs!!!1ONE

This is a rarely, or at least sporadically, updated journal of a person who just has a lot of shit to say...from time to time. Some of the posts might be comedic, some you may have no interest at all in, there might be some politics, but I guarantee there will be fists full of piss and vinegar. Nope. Not the happiest journal you ever done read. On top of that it might be considered a stereo type at this point for a LiveJournal to be filled with "angst" (angry mocking buzzword of the 90's and beyond!), but you know what? It's my journal. And if you don't like it, just like the TV, change the channel and don't watch it. :D

However, I do promise to keep the quizzes to a minimum.

I also have the account non_civilis which is for me blasting my opinion to the public about movies, books, video games, concerts, events, art, and what ever else it is that I experience that I deem is in need of a review. Yessss! Another jackass with an opinion and a blog!!!1 Interweb dipshits FTW!!!1ELEVENTY!

There is also the account non_vigor which is used for posting information about my video game playing (not to be confused with video game reviews that are mentioned above), mostly regarding whatever massively multiplayer online role-playing game I happen to be playing at the moment. Screen shots, progress, and it will be used to join communities for guilds and linkshells...what have you.

And (yes, it just keeps going!), since I am a geek of epic proportions, I have accounts that are dedicated to writing journals and posting entries for characters that I play in role-playing games. Yeah, the actual pen and paper style stuff. Possibly even the live action sort of thing. Imagine that! Holy shit, I'm a geek...

Gaming Accounts
culminations - The character Wraith of Culminations for the Exalted chronicle "Under Southern Skies". Community - exalted_asherta.

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